The chief donor to conduct the training activities of ICVK remains the founder Mr. VISHWA PRAKASH, but other notable institutions and persons in appreciation of the work continue to contribute. Amonst these donors are

1. GIVE INDIA - An industry resource that vets the relevance, transparency and efficiency of various charities. GIVE INDIA then selectively awards funds from donors, to approved charities to meet social objectives. 

2. The Asia Africa International Voluntary Foundation (AIV), established in Nara, Japan during 1989 to promote International Exchange and Cooperation for the development of people in Asia-Africa and other developing countries. AIV is providing financial and technical assistance for welfare measures and improving quality of life of people in developing countries. AIV has created Tsubosaka Memorial Fund in memory of inauguration of statue of sitting Buddha of Ten meters height at Tsubosaka Dera Temple, Nara, Japan, sculptured by Indian artisans in Karnataka. The Fund thus created will definitely help in bonding strong Social, Cultural and Spiritual link between India and Japan.
Vishwas Trust is awarded 3 years grant focused on Entrepreneurship and Business Skills (Employability) Education Programme for student community.

3. Various private donors from the family of the founder