Give India

Give India is by itself a registered non-profit NGO with the purpose of acting as a vetting body for charities and NGO’s in India and collection and distribution of donor funds. Since inception, over 30,000 donors across the globe have been able to impact over a million lives by supporting 150 organizations through GiveIndia.

Give India is a national fund raising agency that vets various charities and NGO’s on charity to expense ratio, management cleanliness and ability to reach goals. Give India is also by itself a philanthropic exchange, and collects, then transfers such collected funds for specific purposes to suitable charities. The Vishwas Trust has continually met the stringent transparency and credibility requirements of Give India and has been a regular recipient of such donations for the poorest of the poor in India through 150 charitable organizations.

Conceived by Mr. Venkat Krishnan, an IIM-A graduate from Ahmedabad, Give India is managed by a team of professionals with proven corporate experience, who now have dedicated their careers to making a difference.

The Vishwas Trust and its active footprint I Create Vishwas Karnataka are preferred and priority partners with Give India, where both organizations hold common views on total transparency and efficiency.